Chandipur Trip

What are the things that you can associate with a sea? – water? Sand? Waves? Well, you are not wrong if you say so. But will you believe if I tell you that there exists a sea that does not have any of three you just mentioned? Difficult to believe, no? I had the same perception until I visited this sea beach in Orissa. As you might have already guessed, the name of the place is Chandipur.

Tide comes twice a day. During peak tide, the water reaches the shore, but during off peak hours, the water goes 5 km far away from it. In the afternoon, while I started walking towards the water I never thought that I would not be able to reach even after walking for 1 hour at a stretch. Yes, I walked directly into the sea towards the water that could be seen far away. I must say it’s a different kind of experience as after some time, when I turned back, the hotel appeared like a matchbox, there was no other human being as far as I could see and the only sign of life was the oysters coming out of their shells. The sky was never that big before and it merged with the horizon in all 4 sides. I thought for few moments – what is this feeling? Should I feel like a king who is the owner of this land and the sky or a living creature who has nothing in this world but himself? You don’t have to very poetic to feel this – you will feel it same if you be there.

Unlike the other seas, its base is not inclined but flat. So, without water, it’s just a piece of big flat land. You will find numerous oysters on the ground – they are yet to get habituated with the strange behavior of the water – so they keep waiting for the water to come back. After dark, hundreds and thousands of red crabs come out of their holes and flood the beach. That time, it appears like a pre-historic ancient world. You come back to the real world only when you find some youths killing the crabs with their heavyweight shoes just for fun. Then I realized – oh yes, this is the known world I live in.

Next day I went back into the seas during the day time. It was tide – so no land could be seen. I was in middle of the sea and walked little further to see if I had enough courage, but the water could never reach my chest. Waves were there but they did not have enough power to put me down or even to push me back.

Well – that’s Chandipur. A serene beach, a harmless sea, a tranquil silence – your perfect destination for a weekend. After evening, you have nothing to do, so chillout with chips and coke. Some enthusiastic goats will try to snatch it away from your hand – but that’s also an experience, right?

How to reach:

Balasore is the station you have to get down. It’s just three and half hours away from Kolkata by train. Take Dhauli express in the morning. It leaves at 6 am, reaches by 9.30 am. Come out of the station and take an auto – it will cost you 170 Rs and drop you directly at the sea beach.

Where to stay :

Chandipur does not have many hotels. There are not many good options either. Orissa Tourism Pantha Nivas is the best place to stay. It is nearest to the sea beach and from AC suites, you get a great view of the sea. AC standard rooms cost you 1150 Rs, AC standard 1400 Rs and AC Suite 2300 Rs. VAT extra. The room service is poor and the food quality is not that good either. But if you compare with other hotels in Chandipur, then this is heaven.

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