Raneh Falls – Hidden Treasure

India is a country full of travel destinations. Jungle safari to mountain trek to history to heritage to sea to canyons – anything you name, you have it here. In my little travel span, I have never come across any other continent or country that can boast of such a large variety. They are available in so large numbers that often they are ignored. I remember few years back while in USA, I visited a waterfall called Ruby Falls. I paid few dollars for it and it was nice. But nicer was the package in which it was sold. I saw plenty of tourists taking a conducted tour to see the waterfall.  It’s a popular destination. I talked about it to few people  and a large number of them knows what it is. Just a week back, I visited a waterfall in central part of India – it’s on a 5 km long, 150 feet deep canyon that was made millions of years back from a volcanic crash. In terms of size and width, many such waterfall like Ruby Falls is not even 0.1% of what this is. But then, very, very few people know about it and as usual, it is ignored – I feel sorry for it.

Raneh falls is around 20 km away from Khajuraho. You can reach easily with an auto. It takes you around 250 bucks for going and coming back. You pay additional 120 bucks for the vehicle to go in and the guide. All it takes is 370 bucks and half a day of your time to go and get the treasure.

People say that the best time to visit Raneh is in the monsoon. This time the river Ken is in its full bash. Huge waves of water splash 150 ft down from the top in 2-3 steps over a length of few hundred meters. I could not visit this in Monsoon, so could not see how it looks. But I saw few photos – it’s not exaggeration.

Well, during winter, there is hardly any water there. But that gave me an opportunity to see the canyon which is otherwise not visible. As the guide says, there are 5 different types of stones – red (Jasper), pink (Granite), black (Dolomite), yellow (Sandstone) and brown (Basalt). He showed me the different colors – they are distinctly visible. He also said that this volcanic crater was formed some millions of years back – this is one of the few volcanic craters available in India.

You look far – you see the canyon as far as your eyes go. The stretch is huge and in the horizon you see a jungle. That’s Panna tiger reserve. The width of the dry stones can give you a feeling of how big it can be. Now there is some water at the bottom – you don’t realize the depth like that. I threw a stone and then I realized how deep the canyon is when I saw the stone taking quite a long time to fall.

Overall, it’s a great place to visit. If you have a plan for Khajuraho, don’t miss this excursion. Take half day out and go. I assure you won’t repent.

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2 thoughts on “Raneh Falls – Hidden Treasure

  1. santosh

    That certainly is a treasure. Few know about it!

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