Hotel Surya Khajuraho

Anywhere you go, one thing that also contributes to some extent to your overall travel experience is the place you stay in. If you visit a great place but the hotel you stay in is dirty and unfriendly, you develop a perception about the people around on basis of that experience. Then when you go out, you cannot be fully happy as in the back of your mind, you will always have an anxiety that either this hotel guy will charge you extra or will create some nuisance. Or, if your hotel is good but it is very far from the place you want to visit, then it becomes equally worrying.

Considering all that, this time I decided to write a short description of the hotel I stayed in. People who are planning to travel to Khajuraho or have not got enough information from the other sites, here is a dedicated review for your reference.

The first big plus about this hotel is its location. You come out of the hotel and start walking towards left. The western group of temples – the main attractions of Khajuraho is just 5 minutes away. The bus stand is almost right in the opposite of the hotel. You have a big taxi stand there and all sort of communications such as rented cars, buses and autos are available. Khajuraho, being a small village does not have lot of markets to offer. The only place that is slightly developed is this complex near the main temples. So, you go around and you have loads of restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops, cyber café, tourist guides, ATMs. Now, there are other hotels even nearer to the temple. But for reaching them, you have to drag your luggage to some extent. Hotel Surya can be reached by your car directly.

Second plus is its cleanliness. The rooms are ultra clean – you don’t see even a single spot or dirt anywhere. So, when you enter the room and see that everything appears clean, it gives you a positive feeling. I have stayed in lot of hotels in different parts of India and I have not seen majority of them as clean as this one.

Room service is average according to me. There is some amount of delay between when you ask for a service and when you get it. The hotel is large and there is no elevator. So, when you call at the reception and he informs someone to get you a bottle of water, you can assume that the room service will take some time to reach. But it is slightly longer than your assumption. I feel that they may need some more people to handle such situation mainly during peak days.

Your requests of getting some non functional things are fixed promptly. The light in the bathroom was not working and I asked to get it fixed – it took just 10 minutes to get it done. So, that’s appreciable.

The west facing rooms are really nice on the third floor mainly during the winter. The sunlight directly reaches inside of the room and in the freezing cold of Khajuraho, that is really helpful.

From price perspective, all these come with a mid level price range. A deluxe room with garden facing view and no AC cost me 1000 bucks a day. In summer, you will need AC and the price will be higher but even in that case, I will say it is fine considering the values it offers.

I stayed in Hotel Surya for 3 nights in December 2011 and all above mentioned points are my personal opinion.

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