Ghostly or Ghastly

Summers, 2004. For different reasons, this summer has been very memorable for me. This is the time when I cracked CAT and got into IIM Indore. This is the time when I traveled to one of the most beautiful places in the world. This is the time that has changed me forever. But this post is not about them. This post is about a completely different experience. Yes, it’s different. Good or bad or real or surreal or fake is on you to interpret. I am only stating what I experienced.

 It was month of April. People who have travelled to Kolkata and experienced the summer there will understand how warm climate can be this time. Temperature is often so high that if you don’t drink enough water, there is a possibility of dehydration. I was coming back from a daylong meeting scheduled in Chandan nagar, Hoogly. For 1 month, our team worked relentlessly on the preparation and all of us were exhausted to hell. While I caught a local train at 11 at night, there was no one in the station. I was completely exhausted – there was not even a single drop of water anywhere and I knew that I would not get it in next 1 hour.

 I was alone in the compartment looking through the windows in the moonlit meadows. The light got switched off suddenly – it was pitch-dark inside the compartment. It was sometimes after the train crossed Bhadreswar, the next station in line, when I saw a man walking on the train line besides mine. My train was moving slowly and he was walking but still somehow I could see him. It was that very time when another train was coming through that line from opposite direction. It came and it passed by. The man was still walking in the line. And I remember when the train was passing by – I still could see him walking on the line. After each compartment passed by, I could see him walking – on the same line, still, uninterrupted!!!

 I could get scared, but I was not. May be because I did not realize and believe what I saw. Later on, I thought about it a lot – was it a ghost? Otherwise a human being cannot walk on the same line when the train is passing by. Was it just an illusion? Was I that exhausted that I did not realize the person was actually walking besides the line and not on it? Or was it just a shadow? I don’t know. I don’t have an answer. I have never seen it again and I don’t want to. But a fact remains – every time a train passes by the same location, all lights get switched off. It is consistent and happens for all local trains – even today. Don’t believe? Check out once!

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