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Exploring Germany By Bus


Heavy rain, blurred vision and my bus approaching a dead end. The wipers were working and through the scarce moments of clarity, I could make out that the bus was going down the way to the water of the lake. Though accidents are not that common in Europe and this was not the first time I was traveling anywhere in EU, still dubious mind does not always believe logic, right? Few months back one high speed train accident happened in Spain and I am sure people traveling by that train would have trusted the safety no differently. Still, accident happened and they do happen. So, while I saw my bus approaching the lake at that high speed, for one moment, I thought something wrong was going to happen.

And it was nothing like that. The bus was indeed approaching the lake and we went into the lake but not in the water, but in a ship! My bus went inside a ship – at a pace slightly slow, but it very soon landed firm in a ship. I peeped through the glasses of the windows and I saw many other cars on both side of my bus. It was a small size ship with the middle portion open to accommodate vehicles for crossing the lake to Meersburg.

For people who are still trying to think where and how it happened – I was in a bus from Zurich to Berlin. Most of my colleagues love to travel by train or flight. They save time and probably they are indeed slightly more comfortable. But they miss that experience of gliding through the roads, valleys, towns. This time when I was making a plan to travel to Berlin and Munich from Zurich, I made my mind to travel by bus.

The bus ride from Zurich to Berlin is a long one (almost 12.5 hours) and major part of the way was covered in the dark. But the two hours that you get before the Sun sets, you see some beautiful roads. From Zurich to Konstanz is covered by road and then the ship takes the bus from Konstanz to Meersburg. Then the journey continues through small towns of Germany before it reaches Munich at midnight.


Berlin is a lovely city, so is Munich. But if you ask me, what I loved most in this trip, my first choice will be the bus ride from Berlin to Munich. 7 hours bus glide (I don’t call it ride!) started at 7.30 am and crossed some most beautiful roads I have ever seen. The highways are smooth, the bus runs at a steady gliding pace and all you have to do is just sit back and watch the panorama. Make sure that you sit at the front and in the upper floor of the bus. Otherwise, side view is somewhat similar to the train view.




I saw majority of the people in the bus in deep sleep. I don’t know why. Because I was finding it hard to keep my eyes off the beautiful valleys. There are places in the way where you can see the stretch for few miles ahead – like a large snake creeping its way through the hilly terrains. And hundreds of cars running on it at unimaginable speed. It is such an experience! You sit on a roller coaster or a ride in Universal Studios and take the front seat just to experience it to the fullest. I suggest you try this bus ride. It is not thrilling like a roller coaster; but it is like watching a movie for 7 hours. Consume as much as you can. Price is too less to justify that view.


For people who want to know how to – I took Meinfernbus. The seats are comfortable; they always start in time. It reached the destination 30 minutes later than schedule – but for me, it was a good movie running for 30 more minutes!



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