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They called Zermatt and I called Dream

This is about a tiny, small, most visited corner of “arguably” the most beautiful country of the world. I am almost sure that if you have visited Switzerland, you might have had a chance to get a glimpse of it. If you have avoided it because of the exorbitantly high prices of the transport coupled with the intimidating looong journey from any other place in Switzerland, you can’t be called illogical. But you have surely missed something in your life – this is one of those places that you must see before you die.

Dream Land

But this is not just about the beauty of the place, there is much more to it. Since this is about my personal experience with Zermatt, the white snow clad peaks appeared slightly more colorful to me. I am sure you added your own colors to it when you were there and they may be different than that of mine.

Snow Clad Peaks

First visit was in 2009 summer. The first reaction was “is this real”? A town can be this beautiful? One road that starts at the train station and stretches up towards the mountain, decorated with hundreds of colorful shops on both side of it, the hotels and houses flooded with flowers glittering in the bright sunlight blew me away at the very first sight. I was cribbing a bit on the way about the money I spent on the train ticket, but my mouth was shut when I reached. A few more minutes of walk and then I saw a mountain peak about which I only read so far in the books – Matter horn. So, that is Matter Horn ! That is the peak which thousands of people tried to climb over centuries and lost their lives; that is the mountain which is so steep that does not let ice to be stuck on its wall.

That trip was superb. I took the cable car to the glacier paradise that extends to the Italian Alps. I stopped at Trockener Steg where you can almost literally touch the feet of matter horn or kiss it. I took the mountain railway to Gornergrat and did not believe that there can be a place which is flat, surrounded by snow clad mountains from all sides and where your wildest imaginations of beauty can be challenged.

I was happy but I was slightly sad at the same time. What is beauty of a place if you can’t share with your loved ones?

Then it was 2013 summer. Another trip – same itinerary, same place, double expense (now I paid for two!), and four times fun. This time I tried some more adventures. Dropped at Schwarzsee and walked up to the beautiful meadows and enjoyed home cooked Luchi. That was heaven. Then walked down the mountain valley from Gornergrat to Rotenboden. This is the most beautiful walk I have ever taken in my life. Blue sky with snow clad mountain on one side and yellowish meadow on the other side – it cant be more beautiful. And on the top of all this was the surprise on her face – enjoyed every bit of it

Then it was 2013 winter. Shorter day, almost same itinerary but with my mother this time. No climbing up the valleys, no trekking but this time it was all snow. Snow at the train station, snow at Gornergrat, snow everywhere! That was the first time I took my mother to Switzerand and I swear it was a different feeling altogether. I was prompted to put a big tick in bucket list that very evening after coming back to Zurich.

And then, the final one in 2014 August end. Summer was going but this time I had my entire family with me. Same itinerary, same place but so fulfilling, so very mine. Zermatt that time did not appear to be a foreign land any more. This time also I went up to Gornergrat, but every station appeared to  be filled with memories,  so known, every point had a topic to be discussed about. We had our packet lunch at 10000 feet and took photographs. That was my moment.

Today, I checked Zermatt website – they still call it Zermatt. For me, it is not just Zermatt any more – it is like a second home where I left something of mine.

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